The Vault Accommodations, Ljubljana, Slovenia


How to reach us?

By car:

Vault Accommodations Ljubljana are conveniently located in the inner centre Ljubljana circle. The recommended way is to exit the Ljubljana ring at the BRDO junction and follow the Cesta na Brdo to our location. The Vault Hotel Ljubljana is positioned by the main road opposite to NLB bank on Cesta na Brdo with the direct access to the hotels parking.

By plane:

The Vault Ljubljana is easily accessible by plane, there are several airports close by: Slovenia Ljubljana airport Jožeta Pučnika – 27.1 kilometres, Croatia Zagreb airport – 156 kilometres, Austria Klagenfurt airport – 89.6 kilometres, Italy Trieste airport – 120 kilometres and Italy Venice airport – 228 kilometres.

By train or bus:

The Vault Ljubljana is located just 3.9 kilometres from Ljubljana main bus and train station. The taxi ride takes approximately 10 minutes. To avoid taxi overpaying we would be happy to arrange a hotel dedicated taxi waiting for you at the bus or tran station.

Location ....

The Vault Ljubljana enjoys one of the best locations in Ljubljana compared to the quiet and green surroundings, distance from the centre and the Ljubljana ring. Located just 2.4 kilometres from Ljubljana Triple Bridge, that is approximately 20 minutes walking or only 10-minute bike ride to the Ljubljana old town centre.

46.0449938, 14.4764764

Slovenia Ljubljana airport Jožeta Pučnika – 27 kilometres from Vault Hotel Ljubljana

3.9 kilometres from Vault Hotel Ljubljana

Croatia Zagreb airport – 156 kilometres from Vault Hotel Ljubljana

Austria Klagenfurt airport – 89.6 kilometres from Vault hotel Ljubljana

Italy Venice airport – 228 kilometres away from Vault hotel Ljubljana

Where are we?

Vault Accommodations Ljubljana, Cesta na Brdo 8, 1000 Ljubljana