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Hotel Vault Ljubljana Bathroom Detail

About Gabriella Chieffo … 

Gabriella Chieffo, eclectic and restless spirit, starts her research in the world of artistic perfumery to create the right formulas for fragrances rich in emotional energy. Her rebellious and unconventional soul leads Gabriella Chieffo to innovative, structurally different projects in art, design and engineering. The covalent bond between art-environment-energy shapes her inner life and pushes her towards new and ever more distant goals. 

About the body care line available for Vault Hotel Ljubljana guests

Cheeky and eye-catching the new body care line of Maison Gabriella Chieffo includes bath foam, body lotion and body oil, bottles made in PET Pharma line and humorous labels engaged in a surreal dialogue with the Vault Hotel guests. An irreverence balanced by the elegance of ACQUASALA, one of the most loved fragrance of the Maison. (source: http://www.gabriellachieffo.com)